5th Season

#1 A New Beginning
#2 It's Raining Men
#3 Cloak and Dagger
#4 The Wedding Planner
#5 Things That Go Bump in the Night
#6 The Heart of the Matter
#7 Truth and Consequences
#8 Left-overs
#9 The Sound of Music
#10 Eye of the Storm
#11 The Eleventh Hour

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#1 A New Beginning: Aired Friday, October 4, 2002

St. Clare's needs a lot of work and a lot of money to be rebuilt after the fire, so in the meantime, Syd is miserable working at the hospital, and chafes under her new boss, Dr. Augustine. Syd is still living with Owen, despite the fact that her stalker is back on his meds and leaving her alone. Syd and Owen have a romantic weekend planned in Vermont which is ruined when Syd gets called into the ER due to a disastrous bus crash. Owen creates a fall wonderland at home, an goes through with his plan to propose marriage even though they didn't get to Vermont. Syd happily accepts. Robbie and Tina, who are living in Syd's old garage apartment at the Hansen house, are both exhausted, because baby Nicholas has decided to stop sleeping. Pete has been living in a tent in the Hansen backyard even though there's room for him in the house. It's finally Pete's annoying habit of throwing a ball against the wall that gets baby Nicholas to sleep. Nicholas is christened. Joanie starts college for real while her friend Britanny takes over some shifts at the Barkery. Joanie takes a class in radio and finds herself a gopher to a late-night DJ... who falls asleep after studying for the MCATs for three days straight and leaves Joanie floundering on the air by herself. Joanie is ecstatic when she gets a radio internship out of the whole mess. Jim helps a snake that ate his owners school science project: a gerbil. Jim and Meredith decide they can't be together right now because they're in different places in their lives.

#2 It's Raining Men: Aired Friday, October 11, 2002

Robbie thinks it's too good to be true when he buys a house at an auction for under $10, and it is. Tina finally figures out that Robbie bought a huge condemned house and is surprisingly understanding, suggesting that they turn it into a bed and breakfast. Jim convinces two siblings whose parents died and left them a farm full of sick horses to donate the horses for therapy for mentally handicapped children instead of putting them down. A newly engaged Syd suddenly feels surrounded by gorgeous men everywhere she goes. Syd and Owen find they're both so busy with work, they're having trouble spending any time together. Syd meets an interesting new doctor at the hospital, David Baylor, who spends most of his time as a travelling doctor and is completely devoted to his job and only his job. Joanie starts hosting her own radio show and has a spat of annoying callers with school administration questions until an intriguing caller named "Number 6" (from the old TV show The Prisoner) gets her attention. Syd helps a male model whose chin implant has migrated to his neck.

#3 Cloak and Dagger: Aired Friday, October 18, 2002

Syd freaks out when she meets Owen weirdly on-time parents and his beautiful sister, and realizes there are a lot of things she doesn't know about her fiancé, not the least of which is that he speaks both Latvian and Chinese. Syd feels like Owen's parents don't like her and are actually spying on her, but it turns out they had an artist track her down so that they could have a portrait of her done. Syd suspects Owen's parents might actually be spies. Jim misses Syd's engagement party because he's out protesting animal testing of cosmetics, but he partly makes up for it by giving her her mother's charm bracelet as an engagement gift. With raising the baby and working on the new bed and breakfast, Tina is stressed and depressed, and even though she tries to hide it from Robbie he picks up on it and tries to help her as much as he can. Syd and David Baylor treat a suicidal woman who jumpd from a highway overpass. Joanie finally tracks down her mysterious Number 6 who's named Leo and works at a local video store.

#4 The Wedding Planner: Aired Friday, October 25, 2002

Syd has more wedding jitters as she and Owen meet with a series of nightmareish wedding officiants and she wonders where her priorities are. After Syd treats a car crash victim and talks to his fiance, Syd and Owen make up from their earlier fight about priorities and decide to get married at Christmas instead of waiting until June. Syd gets to know her colleague, David, a little bit better. Tina swears she's feeling better even though she's still clearly stressed. Robbie tries to get Tina to take it easy, but instead she plans Pete's birthday party and deals with a plumbing problem at the B&B. Joanie interviews rugged Australian Doc Croc on her radio show, along with his monkey, his capuchin, and his eye-pecking raven. Jim has to come to the rescue when the animals run wild at the radio station and he ends up diagnosing the capuchin as diabetic. Due to the disaster, Joanie is late to pick up Hannah, but Leo helps out at the radio station and Joanie assures Hannah that she's still her priority.

#5 Things That Go Bump in the Night: Aired Friday, November 1, 2002

On Halloween, Jim and Pete decide to take revenge on the neighbors that have been trashing the Hansen house every year. They are caught red-handed with toilet paper in the trees, but luckily the feel-good couple that moved into the house last month decide not to press charges. Joanie scoffs at Leo's claim that being scared is exhilarating, but must admit that she feels very alive after Leo totally freaks her out at the radio station. Tina is still trying to be supermom, but still acting strangely. Finally, she and Pete have a big blow-up over his Halloween pranks and say things to each other they'll definitely regret later. Tina takes her car and disappears, leaving a message for Robbie that she's no good for anyone and has to be alone for awhile. Syd is forced to pull a double at the ER, and has to cancel her plans to go to a party with Owen. In the craziness that ensues, Syd treats drugged up rave kids, a clown and a mime, and a man who thinks he's a vampire. She also loses her enggement ring. Syd, with some help from David, realizes that she loves the ER, and when she gets notice that St. Clare's will be reopening in a few weeks at a temporary location, she tells Owen she doesn't think she wants to go back. Owen is furious, feeling like she isn't trying to make any time for him. Syd, after losing a patient she cares about, cries on the roof, and ends up sharing a kiss with David.

#6 The Heart of the Matter: Aired Friday, November 8, 2002

Syd finds herself treating a female prison inmate who has an at-risk pregnancy and is about to be extradited to Florida for a murder charge. Syd asks Owen for help putting off the extradition for the health of the unborn baby, but then finds out that the woman got pregnant on purpose to get sympathy from a jury. Owen gives Syd a new engagement ring just before David finds her old one. Things are a bit awkward between Syd and David, but she assures her co-worker that she's happily engaged. Syd and Owen find themselves spending less and less time together due to their demanding jobs. Heather struggles to rid a dog of fleas without hurting the fleas. Hannah has a new-found love for the piano, and luckily Robbie has an old piano in the house that he bought, so he gives it to his niece. Pete and Robbie struggle in Tina's absence, both with family duties and with worrying about their missing mother/wife. Pete thinks about going to stay with his dad, but Robbie encourages him to stay and move out of the tent and into the house. Tina ends up turning to Syd for help, and Syd recommends a place where Tina can get help with her post-partum depression.

#7 Truth and Consequences: Aired Friday, November 15, 2002

Syd is feeling guilty about not telling Owen about the kiss she shared with David, but she ends up taking Joanie's advice and not burdening her fiancé with the knowledge. On Owen's advice, Jim uses the media to save a cow from death after it escapes from a slaughter house. Tina comes home and makes amends to a nervous Robbie and hesistant Pete. Joanies starts to realize she might like Leo a little more than a friend shortly after setting him up with a fabulous girl named Emily. Syd treats a school principal who was secretly given LSD by one of his students.

#8 Left-overs: Aired Friday, November 22, 2002

The Hansen Thanksgiving is its usual disaster when the turkey falls on the floor and Fearless gets to it first. Owen and Joanie spend some quality time together while Syd is stuck at work and Joanie is stressing because Hannah is spending Thanksgiving at her father's house. Owen ends up sitting in for his fiancé at her bridal shower because Syd is stuck at the ER. Syd, in part due to a patient she is treating, worries that her work/family priorities aren't in order. Robbie and Pete struggle to decorate the B&B for Christmas under strict orders from the neighborhood council. When Jim sells his prized electric train collection to pay for Syd's wedding, Tina helps him out so that he can keep his trains and still give Syd the wedding of her dreams.

#9 The Sound of Music: Aired Friday, December 6, 2002

Syd is sick, and keeps insisting she just has a cold, but when she passes out in the kitchen Owen rushes her to the hospital. Owen and David instinctively clash over Syd's care, and Dr. Augustine has to take over. It turns out that Syd has mono, and after some scary moments, she's just fine. Owen hunts down an old blues performer who is owed $38,000 in back royalties. Tina gets uncomfortable when Robbie goes on a romance kick and hires a baby-sitter without consulting her. Heather buys an ice cream truck to turn into a mobile grooming unit, but she and Jim realize that it might make a better mobile ved clinic. Joanie almost ruins Leo's relationship with his girlfriend, Emily, but blabbing about their relationship on the air. Hannah makes progress at playing the piano.

#10 Eye of the Storm: Aired Friday, December 13, 2002

Joanie is sued for the name Joanie's Barkery by a large conglomerate called Grandma's International. It turns out that Grandma's is actually buying Camilla's Barkery, but wants to the change the name, so Owen offers to represent Camilla in order to help her keep her name on her product. As Syd and Owen scramble to finalize their wedding plans (the wedding is in ten days) Syd, with Owen's support, decides to volunteer to help with medical disaster relief in tornado-ravaged Tennessee. Syd ends up saving Patrice's life when their car runs off the road in Tennessee and Patrice is gravely injured. Owen, who has been suffering from some pre-wedding jitters, is offered a partnership in Chicago that could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Robbie and Tina's B&B is infested with skunks just before their review by a popular B&B web site. Jim has trouble working with Hannah on a toast for Syd's wedding, and finally opens up to Joanie about how he's starting to feel like he's losing his children.

#11 The Eleventh Hour: Aired Friday, December 20, 2002

It's the week of Owen and Syd's wedding. Syd decides she and Owen should move to Chicago for his job offer, but wants to wait until the right moment to break it her family. Unfortunately, Owen's best man, Rick, breaks the news unceremoniously at the rehearsal dinner. Syd treats a man at the ER who has a metal reindeer stuck in his leg. Robbie and Tina make do with the Christmas tree they can afford. When the ER is held hostage by a man with a gun, David almost tells Sydney how he feels about her, but he stifles it and they all get out safely. Rick, who Joanie thought was an immature loser, turns out to be a good crutch for Owen when Sydney is trapped in the ER at gunpoint. Joanie invites Leo to the wedding, but he can't make it because he's going skiing with his girlfriend. Leo shows up at the wedding at the last minute, pleasantly surprising Joanie. Hannah learns to love hockey from Pete, and even when she gets hit in the eye with a puck she displays her shiner proudly. Heather meets a cute guy with a puppy at the vet clinic. Jim assures his kids they don't have to worry about taking care of him. Sydney's beautiful wedding goes off without a hitch.

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