1st Season

#1 Pilot
#2 Home Again
#3 All Good Dogs Go to Heaven
#4 Sisters
#5 Runaway Sydney
#6 Tying the Not
#7 If Memory Serves
#8 Blind Faith
#9 Taste of Providence
#10 You Bet Your Life
#11 Pig in Providence
#12 Saint Syd
#13 Family Tree
#14 Good Fellows
#15 Two to Tango
#16 Guys and Dolls
#17 Heaven Can Wait

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Music by Bennett Salvay and W.G. Snuffy Walden, Co-producers Arturs Rusis, Kevin G. Cremin, Consulting producer Nell Scovell, Produced by Monica Wyatt, Co-executive producer Michael Fresco, Executive producer Robert DeLaurentis, Executive producer John Masius

#1 Pilot: Aired Friday, January 8, 1999

Lynda dies at Joanie's wedding. Joanie has her baby. Sydney decides to return home to live in Providence.

#2 Home Again: Aired Friday, January 15, 1999

Sydney tries to help a battered mother (Ann Dowd) with her autistic child (Mike Boorem). Joanie, Sydney's sister, must decide on a name for her daughter before her christening.

#3 All Good Dogs Go to Heaven: Aired Friday, January 22, 1999

Sydney is heralded as a hero when her drastic measures save a young woman's life, but when her patient dies the next day, Sydney is devastated. Joanie is star struck when a soap star who is an old patient of Sydney's comes to town. Jim sympathizes with a dog that lost its master.

#4 Sisters: Aired Friday, January 29, 1999

Sydney gets a video valentine from her ex-boyfriend and tries to treat a drug addict (Ubach) who might be HIV-positive. Jim kidnaps a sick chimp from the zoo. Kyle realizes he's trapped in a high-school fantasy.

#5 Runaway Sydney: Aired Friday, February 5, 1999

Angry parents refuse to let Sydney treat their baby after she botches a spinal tap. Sydney's ex-boyfriend visits. Jim is tempted by a client.

#6 Tying the Not: Aired Friday, February 12, 1999

Joanie decides to marry the father of her child, but ends up not being able to go through with it. Robbie brings a young boy who lost his father and a loyal stray dog together. A young Italian immigrant falls hard for Sydney.

#7 If Memory Serves: Aired Friday, February 19, 1999

Sydney and Joanie find out that their father has been romancing a mysterious woman. Robbie falls for a coed who can beat him at his own game. Sydney finds out a man who thinks he has a brain tumor really has Alzheimer's.

#8 Blind Faith: Aired Friday, February 26, 1999

Sydney tries unsuccessfully to get surgery privileges at the hospital and goes on a blind date with a man who tells her that she can get anything she wants as long as she insists. Jim gets a fever and has conversations with a seeing-eye dog. Joanie celebrates her daughter's sixth month. Robbie gambles money to help Dani stay in school.

#9 Taste of Providence: Aired Friday, March 12, 1999

Sydney tries to help a stripper who wants to reduce her bust size. Robbie gets trapped into gambling more than he can afford by his bookie. Joanie tries to improve her clam chowder to win a cooking contest, but ends up with a scholarship to cooking school. Jim helps a lethargic dog mate.

#10 You Bet Your Life: Aired Friday, March 19, 1999

Sydney and David start dating, but are held back when a randy old millionaire takes his donation from the hospital and uses it to make an indecent proposal to Sydney. Dani breaks up with Robbie when he asks her to throw a game so he can win a bet. Joanie starts cooking school and misinterprets signals from a classmate. Jim has to deal with a clutzy but dedicated new assistant at the clinic.

#11 Pig in Providence: Aired Friday, April 2, 1999

Dr. Marcus cancels on a weekend in Boston with Sydney, and she finds out that he's actually married... to a woman with a few screws loose who was recently released from a mental institution. He tries to apologize and continue their relationship, but Sydney isn't dealing. Robbie starts working for Jim to get some extra cash to pay off his gambling debts, and they treat a pig that is going to be the main course at a luau. They save the pig and get it a permanent home at a farm. Joanie and Brady move forward with their plans to market her clam chowder. Sydney tries to help a teenager named Lilly who is having unprotected sex and can't talk to her mom about it, but it turns out that Lilly is actually a homeless teen, and she and her boyfriend try to rip off drugs from the clinic. Lilly gets hurt trying to escape and ends up in the hospital with Sydney caring for her.

#12 Saint Syd: Aired Friday, April 9, 1999

Lilly gets put in a foster home, and runs away to Sydney. When Sydney sends her back, she takes off and tries to get out of town, but Sydney convinces her to stick around. A big food distributor wants to buy Joanie's chowder, but only on the condition that she moves to Tokyo, so she turns them down. A very paticular client puts her standard poodle, Wolfie, in Jim's care. When Robbie finds out that a cute girl needs a standard poodle for a commercial shoot, he volunteers Wolfie, but then has to own up to the owner after Wolfie gets shaved for the commercial.

#13 Family Tree: Aired Friday, April 23, 1999

Although disaster strikes the Mom's Chowder venture when their tasting at O'Neill's turns into a drunken food fight, personally Joanie and Brady are getting along better than ever after Brady breaks up with his girlfriend. While Jim is away watching seal pups in Newfoundland, Heather picks up a pregnant stray. Luckily, Jim returns home in time to help the dog give birth. When Syd finds out that Lilly's foster family doesn't want her anymore, she takes the teen into the Hansen household on the condition that she doesn't smoke in the house. Lilly breaks this one rule and accidentally sets fire to the attic. After initially running away, Lilly apologizes to Jim in time to help with the birthing of the puppies and gain herself another invitation to stay. Syd treats an elderly woman named Willa who almost dies from a heart block after lying to Syd that her dizziness has never gotten bad enough to make her pass out.

#14 Good Fellows: Aired Friday, April 30, 1999

Sydney aids a high-school runner who is being pressured by his stern coach-father and is using performance-enhancing drugs. Jim treats the pug of a mob boss, and Sydney treats the mob boss himself, winning the admiration of his son. Lilly gets asked to a school dance by a cute boy, and says no but then changes her mind. Joanie discovers she could have a future making dog treats.

#15 Two to Tango: Aired Friday, May 7, 1999

Paul is full of romantic gestures for Sydney, but she keeps trying to keep her distance because of his family's mob connections. Finally she gives in and agrees to go out with him, and shows her an incredibly romantic evening. Joanie and Brady break up when he admits that he's not ready for a family and can't deal with Hannah. Sydney treats a man that's being poisoned by his wife. Lilly and Jim bond over a school project. Heather is quickly developing a crush on Robbie, and helps him iguana-sit.

#16 Guys and Dolls: Aired Friday, May 14, 1999

Sydney continues seeing Paul, but gets a warning from an old college acquaintance who is now in the district attorney's office that they are investigating Paul's alleged mob ties. Jim and Sydney argue about her relationship with Paul. Paul ends up having to leave town. Heather's crush on Robbie continues, and she finally asks him to go bowling with her, but he's clueless and hurts her when he hits on one of her friends. Lilly is incredibly helpful, and the family finds out that it's because Child Services has said that her temporary placement in Sydney's home has come to an end, so Sydney decides to make the situation permanent. Robbie helps Joanie film a commercial for her barkery. Sydney treats a boy who is actually trying to get treatment for his mother without telling anyone.

#17 Heaven Can Wait: Aired Friday, May 21, 1999

Kyle returns for a quick visit and asks Sydney for medical advice. She finds out that he has a cancerous tumor in his shoulder. When Heather quits Jim's office, Jim suspects something is wrong, so he asks Robbie to talk to Heather. Robbie finally realizes Heather's feelings for him and tries to let her down easy, but then tells her he's gay and asks her to stay on at his dad's office. Lilly's life is finally starting to be picture-perfect, when an old friend from her past shows up in town and tries to get her to take off with him. She refuses, but when she goes to say goodbye to him, they end up in a car chase and Lilly dies in a terrible accident. Lynda decides she's not needed in Sydney's dreams anymore, so she goes to heaven, but after the tragedy in the family she comes back.

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