2nd Season

#1 The Third Thing
#2 The Letter
#3 The Birthday Party
#4 You Can't Hurry Love
#5 He's Come Undone
#6 The Phantom Menace
#7 Sail Away
#8 Thank You Providence
#9 Home for the Holidays
#10 The Kiss
#11 Mother and Child
#12 The Reunion
#13 The Apartment
#14 Sibling Rivalry
#15 Do the Right Thing
#16 The Storm
#17 Don't Go Changin'
#18 Family Ties
#19 Taking a Chance on Love
#20 Love is in the Air
#21 Syd in Wonderland
#22 Paradise Inn

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Co-producer Arturs Rusis, Co-producer Kevin G. Cremin, Producer Antoinette Stella, Producer Dana Baratta, Consulting producer Carol Mendelsohn, Supervising producer Monica Wyatt, Co-executive producer Tim Kring, Co-executive producer Michael Fresco, Executive producer Robert DeLaurentis, Executive producer John Masius

#1 The Third Thing: Aired Friday, September 24, 1999

A mentally ill woman thinks the doctors at the clinic kidnapped her baby and accidentally shoots Helen. Helen leaves the clinic and Syd has to take over. A car driven by a miscarrying woman careens into the clinic. Kyle runs away from his first session of chemotherapy, but Syd talks him back into it. Joanie loses her grumpy assistant at the bakery, and after interviewing a number of freaks she hires a sweet guy that walks in off the street and likes eating the doggie treats himself. Joanie stresses that Hannah isn't walking yet. Jim has to treat a dog that has been poisoned with chocolate as the result of an impending divorce of his owners. Robbie has moved back into the house.

#2 The Letter: Aired Friday, October 1, 1999

On the anniversary of their mother's death, the family is haunted by a letter that Jim wrote which he thinks may have contributed to his wife's fatal heart attack. Kyle's has surgery on his arm, and his surgeon says he might have to have it amputated. Joanie feels badly when she has to fire Doug for eating all the baked goods intended for dogs.

#3 The Birthday Party: Aired Friday, October 22, 1999

Hannah's father Richie comes home and surprises Joanie with a new wife and plans for shared custody. Sydney treats a girl who may have caught a disease from her dog. Sydney invites Kyle to move into the Hansens' guest house. Heather finds out Robbie isn't gay.

#4 You Can't Hurry Love: Aired Friday, October 29, 1999

Kyle propses to Sydney that they take their relationship to a higher level. Sydney helps an old family friend with her alcoholism. Joanie realizes she doesn't know much about Doug. Robbie sets up Heather with another guy.

#5 He's Come Undone: Aired Friday, November 5, 1999

Kyle's arm is amputated. Sydney finds out the new doctor she hired is actually a nurse. Jim overcomes his fear of public speaking to help out Joanie's Barkery.

#6 The Phantom Menace: Aired Friday, November 12, 1999

Sydney feels threatened by Kyle's sexy therapist. Joanie and Robbie get Jim's Pet Talk on cable access. Sydney is duped by a baseball player that Kyle is trying to sign to the Seadogs. Kyle has trouble adjusting to life with one arm.

#7 Sail Away: Aired Friday, November 19, 1999

A recuperating Kyle decides to leave town. Jim gets replaced on the TV vet show. Syd hires a new nurse practitioner on at the clinic. Heather loses a boyfriend but gains a lot of self confidence.

#8 Thank You Providence: Aired Friday, November 26, 1999

In this two-hour Thanksgiving special, Sydney has an adventure driving from Denver to Providence with three new friends. Robbie accidentally gets in on a scam. Joanie helps save dogs from the pound. Jim helps out a priest with Alzheimer's.

#9 Home for the Holidays: Aired Friday, December 17, 1999

Syd finds out what life would have been like if she had never moved back to Providence from California.

#10 The Kiss: Aired Friday, January 7, 2000

Syd helps a 19-year-old Russian art prodigy with a brain tumor and he develops a crush on her. Joanie searches for the person dressed as Zorro who kissed her at a costume party. Robbie is getting kissed by Heather while she's sleepwalking.

#11 Mother and Child: Aired Friday, January 21, 2000

Syd defends a woman accused of poisoning her own daughter. Just as Robbie starts to romance Heather, Charlie comes back in town. Joanie tries to get Hannah into an elite preschool.

#12 The Reunion: Aired Friday, February 4, 2000

Syd's high school best friend, now a celebrity homemaker, comes back for their high school reunion and Syd realizes her friend is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Jim tries to rescue a ferret from a violent neighbor. Robbie hasn't given up on getting Heather even though she's getting engaged to Charlie.

#13 The Apartment: Aired Friday, February 11, 2000

Heather's mother comes to town and tries to destroy Heather's relationship. Joanie fears Hannah may have contracted tuberculosis. Syd attempts to move out of the family homestead.

#14 Sibling Rivalry: Aired Friday, February 18, 2000

Syd helps an old friend of Joanie's who is afraid to be tested for breast cancer. Syd and Joanie become rivals in romance. Robbie tries to break up Charlie and Heather, but might have just sent Heather farther away.

#15 Do the Right Thing: Aired Friday, February 25, 2000

Syd helps an embezzler make things right with his victims before dying. Robbie stops Heather's wedding to Charlie at the last minute. Joanie helps Doug out of trouble with the law.

#16 The Storm: Aired Friday, March 17, 2000

A huge storm hits Providence. Syd defies an inspector who is trying to shut down the clinic and treats and elderly man with Malaria and his daughter who is having a baby. Joanie is trapped under a fallen tree. Jim and Doug hunt for a missing dog. Robbie tries to elope with Heather but screws everything up when his gambling problem resurfaces.

#17 Don't Go Changin': Aired Friday, March 31, 2000

As Jim's 60th birthday approaches he considers early retirement. Robbie and Heather agree to just be family. Syd helps a full-grown man getting a circumcision. Joanie helps Doug get an executive position.

#18 Family Ties: Aired Friday, April 14, 2000

Robbie works as Jim's assistant at the vet clinic when Heather takes some time off to work on Earth Day. Jim is frustrated by Robbie's carelessness, and decides to teach him a lesson by making him think he's responsible for a little girl's award-winning hamster getting eaten by a cat. Syd plans on attending an informal med school reunion in New York and looks forward to a possible romantic encounter with an old classmate who recently became available again. Syd never makes it to New York because she ends up treating a pregnant girl, Talia, who recently dropped out of Princeton. The unborn baby needs a transfusion, and Talia's disapproving father, Marcus, is the only option left, but he won't help her unless she gets rid of her boyfriend, Jake, the father of the baby. When Talia has a crisis, a desperate Jake goes to Marcus and agrees to leave town if Marcus will help his daughter. At the last minute, and with some prodding from Syd, Marcus relents and tells Jake that he doesn't need to leave. Syd's old classmate shows up at her front door out of the blue and is not nearly as attractive as she remembers him. Joanie helps a desperate Doug promote his new idea of aromatic collars that will help dogs and cats get along. They are so successful that Doug gets a promotion and a transfer to Ohio. Doug asks Joanie to come with him, but they both realize that it's not realistic idea, so they bid each other a sad farewell.

#19 Taking a Chance on Love: Aired Friday, April 28, 2000

Jim starts spending time with a photojournalist friend of Sydney's. Syd and Joanie freak out and try to break them up, and then when they're successful they feel guilty and decide to mend the relationship... which has already mended itself just fine. Robbie gets picked to appear on a game show and hits it off with the pretty producer, Andi. Syd treats an elderly man who is putting his life in danger trying to please his "frisky" girlfriend. Syd assumes that the young blonde she sees with him is this same girlfriend, but it turns out she's his granddaughter and the girlfriend is a woman of his own age.

#20 Love is in the Air: Aired Friday, May 5, 2000

The is a fire in the kitchen at the Barkery and Joanie is rescued by a fireman she recognizes. It turns out that he works as a bartender at night and she remembers him from her Zorro days. They share a date and immediately start falling for each other. When they kiss, she realizes he IS Zorro. Syd spends time with John Courier, her old boss from the ice-cream shop she used to work in during the summer when she was a kid, as he's dying from pancreatic cancer. Syd worries about her father dating her friend Monica, especially when she sees Monica greet another man at her door with a kiss on the mouth. Syd confronts Monica, but she denies that she's seeing someone else. Robbie wins $10,000 on a game show, but thinks the pretty producer he's been spending time with might have set it up so that he'd win.

#21 Syd in Wonderland: Aired Friday, May 12, 2000

Jim starts realizing more and more how much younger Monica is than he, and how different their lives are. They tearfully say goodbye. Andi makes Robbie an offer: she'll keep feeding him the answers to the game show if he splits his winnings with her. Robbie is torn about grabbing the opportunity to make a lot of cash and feeling like what he's doing is wrong. Joanie, wanting to heat things up with Burt, takes him to a bed a breakfast for the weekend. The couple that runs the place ends up using Joanie and Burt to cook for them and fix things around the house, and instead of being a romantic weekend it turns into a nightmare. They come back to Providence a day early and decide to try to heat things up at home. Syd hasn't been feeling well and has been hallucinating that she's Alice in Wonderland. She passes out on a park bench and is brought into the ER in a coma. Jim and Monica's goodbye, Robbie's confrontation with Andi and Joanie's tryst with Burt are all interrupted by the call that Syd is in the hospital. No one can figure out what's wrong with her, and Syd herself, hanging out with her mother outside her hospital room, is worried that she's going to die.

#22 Paradise Inn: Aired Friday, May 19, 2000

Syd is still in a coma, and the doctor can't figure out what's wrong with her. Meanwhile, Syd's spirit has joined her mother at the Paradise Inn where she is to remain until a decision has been made as to whether she lives or dies. Joanie starts to fall hard for Burt, particularly when he knows just the right thing to do to make her feel better about Syd's illness. When Burt is trapped in a paint warehouse fire, Joanie freaks out, but, luckily, he comes out of it just fine. Robbie is still torn about whether or not to go along with Andi's gameshow scam, but when Andi seduces him he pretty much makes up his mind to go for it. An old recorded video message from Syd makes him think twice and he purposely blows the last big question. The doctor finally figures out that Syd has encephalitis from her mosquito bites in Narragansett (two episodes ago). The decision is made: Syd's family is ecstatic when she opens her eyes.

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