Season 5, Episode 8: Left-overs

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I barely have time to digest the cranberry sauce and Diane Conklin shoves fruitcake down our throats.

Aired: Friday, November 22, 2002

Rating: 7.4/13

Written by Terrence Coli
Directed by James Quinn

Also starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Hansen
Samaria Graham as Izzy Nuñez
George Newbern as Owen Frank
Guest starring
Denis Arndt as Dr. Bill Augustine
Alex D. Linz as Pete Calcatera
Rosemary Forsyth as Elaine Asher
Jay Acovone as Mr. Aldini
Stacy Galina as Allison Hoffman
Elaine Bromka as Diane Conklin
Tristine Skyler as Amy Asher
Victor McCay
Mary Stein as Nurse Gerda
Melissa Greenspan as Dr. Kim Larson
Michael Weaver as Mark
Robert Floyd
Toni DeRose as Patrice
Ming Lo as surgeon
Joe Hanna as man at mall
Damian Perkins as young punk
Jay Harik as cab driver

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