Season 5, Episode 6: The Heart of the Matter

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Aired: Friday, November 8, 2002

Rating: 8.0/14

Written by Rob Fresco
Directed by Kevin G. Cremin

Also starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Hansen
Samaria Graham as Izzy Nuñez
Tessa Allen as Hannah Hansen
Dana Daurey as Heather Tupperman
George Newbern as Owen Frank
Guest starring
Denis Arndt as Dr. Bill Augustine
Alex D. Linz as Pete Calcatera
Matt Champagne as Leo
John Cothran, Jr.
Jeffrey Nordling as Dr. David Baylor
Special guest stars
Betty White as Julianna Shills
Lauren Holly as Darla Rosario
Toni De Rose as Patrice
Cynthia Graham as paramedic #1
Tricia Dong as piano tuner
Lisa Vega as waitress

In the beginning dream sequence, Lynda says that the cars are racing to "old man Cremin's tractor." Cremin directed this episode.

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