Season 5, Episode 2: It's Raining Men

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The universe is really starting to play dirty.

Aired: Friday, October 11, 2002

Rating: 5.9/13

Written by Carol Barbee
Directed by James Quinn

Also starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Hansen
Samaria Graham as Izzy Nuñez
George Newbern as Owen Frank
Guest starring
Denis Arndt as Dr. Bill Augustine
Matt Champagne as Leo
Andy Comeau
Mark Moses as Mike Weaver
Susan Gibney as Eileen Weaver
Aeryk Egan as Ray, the sleepy DJ
Ivo Lopez-Lewis as Lucius
Robert Gant
Mary Stein as Nurse Gerda
Raymond O'Connor as Arnold
Jeffrey Nordling as Dr. David Baylor
Rene L. Moreno as Paul "Fig" Figueroa
Tom R. Hughes as messenger
Jay Huguley as gorgeous doctor
Robert Lee Neely II as 20-something orderly
Molly Bryant as nurse #1
Jenae Navarro as nurse #2

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