Season 4, Episode 11: The Start of Something Big

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Aired: Friday, January 4, 2002

Rating: 8.2/14

Written by Carol Barbee
Directed by Ian Toynton

Also starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Hansen
Samaria Graham as Isabel
Dana Daurey as Heather Tupperman
Guest starring
Lindsay Crouse as Lauren MacKenzie
Cress Williams as Dr. Sam Magala
Marcia Strassman as Meredith
Alyson Reed as Lenore Decker
Ashley Johnson as Daphne Wallace
Andy Comeau
Michael Kagan
Matt Malloy as Barrett Crouch
Paula Malcomson
Rene Rigal
Patrick Malone
Dan Montgomery as Phil Sutton
Isabella Hofmann as Dr. Renee Dunseith
Clare Salstrom as Alexa Hallberg
Renee Elise Goldsberry as Clare
Mike Madrigal as guy at bar
Wendy Haines as very pregnant woman
Joshua Titen as kid in wheelchair

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