Quotes from Exposure

Robbie: There are a few things I'm not quite ready for her to know about me.
Syd: Such as?
Robbie: Such as I still live in my childhood bedroom.
Jim: Heh heh, where does she think you live?
Robbie: In the guest house.
Syd: Okay, so where do I live?
Robbie: In your childhood bedroom. And it's pathetic.

Tammy: Sweetie, do you see how pretty Dr. Hansen is? Hmm? Well, believe me, she did not always look like that. Do know that when we were your age she had braces and her hair was all bushy? When we get home I'm gonna show you the yearbook, it's gonna make you feel so much better.
Syd: So glad I could help out with that. I'll see you in a few minutes.
Rick: Goodbye. Oh, that's one good thing about Uganda. No one has any pictures of me in junior high.

Elliot: What are puppets, anyways? Just actors made of socks.

Robbie: Whatever happens, happens to all of us.
Tina: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Joanie: Elliot, thanks for the cake.
Elliot: You're welcome. Thanks for the scare of my life.

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