Season 3, Episode 18: Meet Joe Connelly

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Aired: Friday, April 27, 2001

Rating: 8.2/16


Written by Mike Kelley
Directed by Michael Fresco

Guest starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Calcatera
Scott Thompson as Elliot Anderman
Nancy Dussault as Sylvia
Hillary Danner as Diane Wilson
Joe Spano as Dr. Carroll
Barbara Eve Harris as Dr. Beth Timmons
Emily Bergl
Samaria Graham as Isabel
Donald Sage Mackay as Officer Duncan
Jeanette Miller
Joyce Guy
Dana Daurey as Heather Tupperman
Steven Eckholdt as Joe Connelly
Toni DeRose as Patrice
Phoebe Jonas as Stephanie
CeCe Wilck as nurse
Eric Roth as waiter
Hope Cruickshank as Hannah
Tess Cruickshank as Hannah
Featured music
"I Can Run with the Big Dogs" by Waylon Jennings (Fearless's drug hunt)
"Arms of the Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan (ending song)

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