Season 3, Episode 10: Saved by the Bell

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Aired: Friday, February 2, 2001

Rating: 9.6/17


Written by Rob Fresco
Directed by Michael Fresco

Guest starring
Maria Pitillo as Tina Calcatera
Alastair Duncan as Graham Hollings
Jon Hamm as Burt Ridley
Samaria Graham as Isabel
Edie McClurg as Meryl Ridley
Mickey Toft as Pete Calcatera
David Kriegel
Pete Gardner as Officer MacIntyre
Anne Haney as Mary Aliperti
Paul Dooley as Bill Ridley
Stoney Westmoreland as Stoney
Cheyenne Wilbur as minister
Katherine Ann McGregor as restaurant manager
Frank Payne as Big Buck
J.J. Cohen as Mitch
Hope Cruickshank as Hannah
Tess Cruickshank as Hannah
Featured music
"Save Me From Me" by Simon Townsend (during peewee hockey game)
"Wedding Day" by the BeeGees (getting ready for the wedding)

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