Quotes from The Birthday Party

Sydney: "Is there anything for breakfast that doesn't come with a candle?"

Jane: "Thumper here stopped thumping."

Joanie: "I mean, it does make a certain kind of sense."
Robbie: "Yeah. Non-sense."

Jim: "You don't have to bunny hop, but at least give me a two-step, will ya?"

Doug: "Tell me where to find this guy and I'll take care of him for you."
Joanie: "What are you going to do, chew up his slippers?"
Doug: "Maybe."

Joanie: "Hi, I'm Joanie, the mother of Richie's love child."

Sydney: "I'm Syd, Joanie's sister."
Robbie: "I'm her less understanding brother, Robbie."

Joanie: "Once you're over the rejection, loneliness is a walk in the park."

Joanie: "Syd, I would love to take the high road here, but I can't even find it."

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