Season 2, Episode 22: Paradise Inn

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Aired: Friday, May 19, 2000

Rating: 9.8


Written by Robert DeLaurentis
Directed by Michael Fresco

Guest starring
Angela Featherstone as Andi Paulson
Rick Roberts as Dr. Hopper
Jon Hamm as Burt Ridley
Charles Keating as Peter
Samaria Graham as Isabel
Scarlett Pomers as Becky
Marian Mercer
Elaine Kagan
Magda Harout
Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance
Terry Anzur as on scene reporter
Annie O'Donnell as Mrs. Mayfield
Anthony Holiday as fireman
Paul Webster as paramedic
Peter C. Antoniou as police officer
Tyler Ostrander as Eddie
C. Riley Schmidt as Harry
Gil Christner as patient #2
Donna Asch as patient #1
Gene Valicenti as newscaster
Featured music
"Circle Game"

One of the reasons they decided to have Sydney bedridden so much at the end of this season was because Melina Kanakaredes was very pregnant and the producers were trying to hide the pregnancy on-screen.

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