Season 2, Episode 21: Syd in Wonderland

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Aired: Friday, May 12, 2000

Rating: 9.6

Giovanna Ottobre Melton (Costume Designer) and Sandy Kenyon (Costume Supervisor) won an Emmy award for this episode in the category of Outstanding Costumes for a Series


Written by Tim Kring
Directed by Randall Zisk

Guest starring
Angela Featherstone as Andi Paulson
Rick Roberts as Dr. Hopper
Shelly Berman
Estelle Harris as Darlene
Jon Hamm as Burt Ridley
Samaria Graham as Isabel
Constance Towers as Candice Whitman/Cromwell
Steve Valentine as the Mad Hatter
Jack Gwaltney
Tania Raymonde Katz as Alice/young Syd
Mary Page Keller as Monica Lang
Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance
Sean Moran as Mr. Habib
Alix Elias as Mrs. Blanchard
Jason Azikiwe as ER doctor
John Cappon as paramedic
Libby Bancroft as yuppie wife
Arturo Gil as white rabbit

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